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The Information on School Websites Is Not as Safe as You Think

The home page of Pinellas County Schools in Florida is brimming with information for families, students, staff members and the public: an easy-to-use dashboard of news, shortcuts and links to the district’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel. But Pinellas’s home page has been supplying information to another audience, an unseen one, as well this year.

Securing sites

More than half of state departments of education lack key security and privacy protections for users, according to a recent state-by-state survey by EdTech Strategies, a technology consulting firm.

Security, privacy weaknesses pervade state and local education websites

HTTPS usage is thin, and tracking software abounds, EdTech Strategies found. Patience Wait Contributing Writer (Getty Images) At a time when concerns about cybersecurity and privacy are growing, among the most insecure websites are state education departments and most local school systems. That’s the high-level conclusion of a new study by the consultancy EdTech Strategies.

School Agencies and Districts Do Crummy Job of Protecting Website Visitor Security and Privacy — THE Journal

Privacy & Security A new study has found that most education websites – whether state or local – do a horrible job of protecting users’ security and privacy. Among the problems: a lack of support for secure browsing, widespread use of tracking and surveillance tools provided by online advertising companies and too little disclosure of the use of those trackers and tools.

America’s school systems serve unencrypted web resources that are riddled with ad-tech trackers

Edtech Strategies, “a boutique consultancy focused on providing strategic research and counsel on issues at the intersection of education, public policy, technology, and innovation” has published a report detailing the dismal state of America’s state education agencies web-practices, where encrypted connections are hard to find and adtech trackers are everywhere.

New Study of School Websites Reveals Widespread Online Security and Privacy Issues

According to a new study released today by EdTech Strategies, Tracking: EDU – Education Agency Website Security and Privacy Practices, state and local education agency websites were found to lack important security and privacy protections for students, families, and educators.

K-12 Study Gives Schools Low Marks for Protecting Student Privacy Online

A new study released today by EdTech Strategies found that the websites of leading state education departments and local school districts lack even the most basic online security and privacy protections. Douglas Levin, president of the Arlington, Va., consulting group, says his study comes out in the context of an intense discussion the past several years about the online privacy of students.

State and District Education Websites Fail to Disclose Ad Trackers, Study Finds

Many state and local education agency websites aren’t disclosing the presence of third-party tracking services, which can use information about users’ browsing history and online activity to target advertisements, according to a study released this week by EdTech Strategies, an education consulting group.

​Cybersecurity Report Spotlights Privacy Concerns on State Education and District Websites – EdSurge News

It doesn’t take technical expertise to a see how websites are tracking you. Using simple, free browser extensions, Doug Levin, who specializes in cybersecurity hiccups that affect K-12 schools and districts, was able to uncover a common-and troubling-pattern affecting nearly every state department of education.