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OERwashing: Beyond the Elephant Test


To combat OERwashing, the practice of organizations’ falsely claiming they are pro-Open to gain a benefit in the education market, we must be able to go beyond the elephant (“I know it when I see it”) test.

Study: One-to-One Laptop Programs Improve Student Learning


Newly published, peer-reviewed research finds that one-to-one laptop programs improve student academic achievement in K-12 classrooms. Given the top line finding, I suspect the study will garner much attention and – at the same time – be subject to much spin. Here is my summary of the study, with accompanying analysis of what we can reasonably conclude from the findings.

In the News: On Digital Security Audits of School Districts


Select state government audits of school district IT security procedures find a concerning state of affairs. State departments of education should adopt and promulgate digital security expectations and best practices for schools, provide technical assistance and resources to districts to support implementation, and conduct regular audits to ensure compliance.

U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role


In 1996, the first federal program dedicated to ensuring universal access to information and communications technology for improved teaching and learning in the nation’s schools was launched. This post (light on analysis, heavy on the archiving of primary source material) is one for the wonks: a historical record of federal education programs and funding intended to ‘help every child in every school utilize technology to achieve high standards.’

10 Things To Know about the Future of Blockchain in Education


With Bitcoin as the primary proof-of-concept, there are fascinating and powerful ideas underlying blockchain technology. Fresh from DC Blockchain Summit 2016, here is my current list of the top 10 things you need to know about the future of blockchain in education. Personally, I remain optimistic and can’t wait to see where we will take it. Be sure to share your ideas and questions by leaving a comment on this post.

In the News: On Sony Pursuing Blockchain Applications for Education


Conceivably, if blockchain were to help students keep track of and share records of their academic experiences – in brick-and-mortar schools, virtual classes, from other sources – it could add detail and sophistication to efforts to “personalize” education.

Confused about what ‘Open’ Means in Education? Inconceivable!


As an educator, how can you be sure that a lesson plan or activity claiming to be OER is actually open and not just pretending to be open? Given the misuse and abuse of the term (inconceivable!), I’ve collaborated with others to prepare a draft FAQ to set the record straight.

In the News: On Successfully Administering Computerized Tests


Yet there’s almost no way to guarantee trouble-free computerized testing on a stage as large as Florida’s, experts said. That’s because the undertaking is “not just a test, but a massive technology project” that involves so many moving parts in a decentralized system.

David, Goliath, and the Future of the U.S. K-12 OER Movement


While the OER movement is global in scope and ambition, the context of implementation matters. I contend that how educators are supported and empowered to address the problems of practice will have everything to do with the ultimate success of the OER movement in the U.S. K-12 context.

Smart Changes Proposed to ESSA Title IV Program Design


While the Obama Administration FY17 budget request for the ESSA Title IV block grants was surprisingly low, the proposed changes in program design are smart, good for kids, and worthy of due consideration.

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