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The New York Times Takes on Conflicts of Interest in K-12, Again

Natasha Singer—this time with colleague Danielle Ivory—have released another in the New York Times’ series ‘Education Disrupted.’ Like other stories in the series, it focuses on issues of conflicts of interest in education and educational technology. This issue is a cancer on the sector, enabled by and made worse by the lack of any serious interest in self-policing or self-regulation. 

In the News: On Conflicts of Interest in EdTech

The increasingly common practice of public school teachers affiliating with edtech companies deserves greater scrutiny. On social media many educators proudly tout their corporate affiliations as proof of their digital learning expertise, much like NASCAR drivers wear corporate patches on their uniforms. I don’t know where we should draw the line on conflict of interest policies here, but I am convinced it is past due time to revisit those policies for a digital age.