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In the News: Educational Android Apps Improperly Track Children

Often with their parents’ encouragement and supervision, young children are increasingly relying on mobile apps—even services that may not have expressly been designed for them—for learning. While parents have an expectation of privacy for their children when they use these apps, a new study suggests that parents’ trust may be misplaced.

Of note, some of the brands engaged in tracking may be quite familiar to readers…

In the News: On the Future of Maine’s Laptop Program

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI), perhaps the signature 1:1 laptop program in the nation, has generated controversy and struggled with results. It is now at risk of being brought to an end. One contributing factor: despite a 10+ year statewide track record of implementation, there is a lack of high-quality research on the program’s effectiveness in contributing to student learning. It’s a missed opportunity.