I am switching to Linux.

We have a variety of Apple-, Microsoft-, and Google-powered computers in my house. My daily workhorse machine is a (relatively) mighty, but aging MacBook Air. I could recount the ways that each of them fall short for me or bend your proverbial ear to tell you about the type of computing device I really want. In short, I am sick of feeling like I am not in control of my own computer. My operating systems routinely ping online services without my consent or knowledge, ads are being delivered to my desktop that I can’t opt out of, device manufacturers have apparently decided I need and want an AI assistant to help me (I don’t), and Apple is on a crusade to sacrifice the ports I want and need on the altar of design (or was that bravery?). Oh, and let’s not forget that these devices are now being designed to be literally impossible to repair or upgrade.

I’m out. This is not the future of personal computing I want. And, I’m convinced I can make it work in the Linux ecosystem. If there is interest, perhaps I’ll share more about my experience in adopting Linux in the coming weeks and months as I settle into my new workflows.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 27 Edition)

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