The New York Times ran a series of letters to the editor in response to their May 13 piece entitled, “How Google Took Over the Classroom.” One in particular struck me:

I take issue with the author’s fatalism about Silicon Valley’s surveillance capitalism and its place in public schools. The choice by education leaders to obfuscate and excuse the trading away of our children’s communications and information (about their social lives, emotions, and behaviors) in exchange for discounted school technology is neither a good deal for schools nor the only way that schools can afford technology. It speaks to the success of technology company advocacy and marketing (including the overselling of the intelligence of their tools), as much as it speaks to a lack of imagination by education leaders. It is not okay.

Here’s what caught my eye this past week – news, tools, and reports about education, public policy, technology, and innovation – including a little bit about why. No endorsements; no sponsored content; no apologies for my eclectic tastes.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 20 Edition)

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