For those who care about the evolving terrain of student data privacy and civil liberties issues in schools, you may know that the actions of Lockport (NY) Public Schools – and their defiance of the advice of the New York State Department of Education – have become a defining case. Indeed, it is a story that I had previously covered on this very site (“Facial Recognition Technology Has No Place in Schools“).

For those with less familiarity with the issues at play, a parent of the Lockport school district laid them out succinctly in a recent must-read opinion piece in the New York Times (“Spying on Children Won’t Keep Them Safe“).

Currently, New York state is considering legislation to keep facial recognition and other biometric surveillance technology out of schools until a study of the privacy implications, reliability, and other risks can be completed. This is important and common-sense legislation – and it is for that reason that EdTech Strategies was pleased to join both local community members and other state and national advocacy groups on a sign-on letter in support of its passage.

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For more information on this legislative proposal, NYCLU has all the details (“Legislative Memo: Biometric Identifying Technology in Schools“). With your support, New York can do the right thing on facial recognition in schools.