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Solochek, Jeffrey. “Despite fixes, computer testing troubles still likely for Florida schools in 2016.” Tampa Bay Times. 19 February 2016.

Yet there’s almost no way to guarantee trouble-free computerized testing on a stage as large as Florida’s, experts said.

That’s because the undertaking is “not just a test, but a massive technology project” that involves so many moving parts in a decentralized system, said Doug Levin, founder of EdTech Strategies, a consulting firm.

The tests originate at the vendor’s servers, move over the Internet through district providers, and enter schools with varying levels of networks, hardware and infrastructure.

“Some of the devices are going to be quite old. Some of the school networks won’t be as strong,” said Levin, who helped develop the nation’s first education technology plan in 1996. “Inherently, it is a somewhat challenging endeavor.”